Is Parc Astérix in Plailly Worth Visiting?

Parc Astérix in Plailly is a theme park in France inspired by the comic book series Asterix by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny. It is France’s second-largest theme park, followed by Disneyland Paris. There are more than 2.3 million visitors every year and it is a hot destination for children and families. Explore the unique French culture with some excellent rides at Parc Astérix. Let us learn more about the park and why you should visit it. 

Parc Astérix in Plailly 

It Is Not Just a Theme Park 

One of the most significant things that make Parc Astérix in Plailly different and unique is that it is not just a theme park. The park is based on a well-known and loved comic series. If you have a passion for propagating the historic legacy of France, you must consider visiting this. 

The series was first printed in 1959, and follows the trials of a village in Bretagne and fiercely resists the Roman invasion and French adults. Learn more about the authentic French culture in a humorous way at Parc Astérix. 

Excellent Rides and Attractions 

There are various rides that further contribute to the Asterix legacy in France and transform the park into a real-life comic series. Some of the most popular rides at the Park include the following: 

  • Le Grand Splatch
  • La Trace du Hourra
  • SOS Numberobis
  • Tonnerre de Zeus
  • Menhir Express
  • Pegasus Express
  • Goudrix 
  • L’Oxygenarium
  • Attention Menhir
  • Forest of Idefix
  • Oziris
  • Les Espions de Cesar

There are 13 Asterix-inspired attractions which are ideal for children. 20 rides and attractions which can be enjoyed as a family and groups. Besides this, there are seven adrenaline-fuelled rollercoasters which are perfect for fearless daredevils and adventurous souls. 

Shows at Parc Astérix in Plailly 

Parc Astérix in Plailly is not just a regular theme park. There are shows with dolphins, magic shows, and multiple other shows which add to the excitement. They also have an app which will help you navigate the park. You can check the schedule of the rides and events to plan it conveniently. There are various restaurant options listed on the app which will make it easier for you to order and explore nearby food options. 

Summing Up

Parc Astérix in Plailly is definitely worth visiting and is a cheaper alternative to Disneyland Paris. There are various things at the park and nearby which will make your trip exciting. The summer season can get busy and you must plan your trip accordingly. Stay tuned to Scott and Ben for more such guides and updates.