The architectural Spots to Eat, Relax and Enjoy at London Southend Airport (SEN)

London is the hub of around six airports. Among all of its international airports, the smallest one is London Southend Airport (SEN). Flying to other places is often the dream of some people. Some travel for the sake of enjoyment and others travel to fulfill what they have in their minds. Although every airport is structured and built up seeing or keeping the view of the sitting and relaxing area for the passengers, you must have handy information for all the major sites at the particular airport so that you do not feel hassle. Among the various architectural sites of SEN airport in London, we have enlisted a few spots where you can enjoy till you are ready to pick up your flight.

London southend airport

WH Smith

This shop stays open from two hours before the departure of the first flight to the last flight takes off from the airport. It is a one-stop shop where you can purchase your favorite snacks, drinks, books, magazines, novels, digital accessories, puzzles for children, and their variety of cards or small paper or card games, and other travel essentials. If you are also a keen observer and do not want to bother your flights because of any “lowkey” reason, you can choose SEN airport for safe, secure, affordable, and comfortable traveling.

The World Duty-Free

The opening hours for this shop are the same as that of Will Smith. If you are traveling out of the UK, you can purchase items that are exempt from excise duty. This means that you will be saving around 50{57153e4ab753c507cd6198faae0710d11a07825d82c419cbd687d96f04d70f48} on all the items in comparison to the items taken from the streets of the local area. You can also reserve your collectibles by choosing the online deals and can pick the items while you are departing for your flight. The shop allows online shopping 10 days before the date of departure, giving you plenty of time to think about your baggage and the lists of items to be purchased.

The Navigator

It is a British traditional pub where you will find the blend of local heritage, the customs of London, and legit food experiences like any other dining restaurant. It is combined with the taste, traditions, and experiences of old foods and flavors and gives you an updated, and stylish place with quality products.

Holiday Inn Southend Airport

It is good to have the kind of choice like a Holiday Inn, where you can stay especially if you're traveling early in the morning or need to depart or arrive late in the night. The location of this hotel will suit you especially if you are hurrying up on your immediate business plans. It is just a few minutes away from the SEN airport terminal or station.

Car Hire Facilities

Car Hire facilities are available at the airport with the shop attached within. If you are in a hurry or have not planned anything related to your traveling, you can easily have “Car Hire Facilities” and can have easy and on-the-go transportation services. The good thing is that the services are available all days of the week, so it would not hamper your travel experiences while going to any address. The facility is located in the terminal building of the airport. However, the timings and the prices may change, so better to connect directly.

Summing Up

Being one of the smallest airports, you will still find all the necessary things available at London Southend (SEN) Airport. Be it shops, pubs, traveling supportive areas, waiting for areas, money exchange, or any other kind of facility, you will be provided with lots of things to count on. Even many of the places available at the airport will provide extra benefits or essentials if you are having your toddler with yourself.